Atlantic/Warner Nashville Michael Ray’s slowing things down: The follow-up to his chart-topping track “One That Got Away” is the heartbreak ballad “Her World or Mine.”

The Florida native says it’s already a song his fans have embraced.

“When we added ‘Her World or Mine’ to our live show last year, the response was immediate and now every night on the road the crowd sings it back to us,” Michael explains.

“I think it has resonated so strongly with fans,” he goes on, “because no matter which side you are on — the one who has moved on or the one who is hanging on — everyone has been there at some point in their life.”

“They see themselves in this song,” he adds. “I certainly do.”

“Her World or Mine” was co-written by newcomer Travis Denning.

You can check out the “Her World or Mine” concept video — which came out shortly before Michael’s Amos album last year — on YouTube now.

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