Three 80’s Country Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

I started in radio when I was quite young. I had a chance to become a Music Director while still in high school during the 80’s when Country was on a high!

Here are 3 old school songs with great refrains that you will sing over and over in your head or even out loud!

#1: Don Williams | 1986 Top 3 Billboard Hit “We’ve Got Good Fire Goin”

So let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain
It won’t do nothin’ but kindle a never ending flame
Let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain til mornin’
Oh, I’ve got a good woman and we’ve got a good fire goin’

#2: Barbara Mandrell | 1988 Top 5 Billboard Hit “I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today”

Each night I pray I’ll wake at dawn and find
Another in my heart and on my mind
Then I awake I hear my poor heart say
I wish that I could fall in love today

#3: Lee Greenwood | 1985 Number #1 Hit “Dixie Road”

My heart goes drifting down a dusty Dixie road
Taking my mind, back in time
L.A. lights burn like hell once you know
You left heaven waitin’ down the Dixie road

There are so many great songs we just don’t hear on the radio anymore…Stay tuned!



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