The Neighborhoods at Brookview Becomes Music & Memory Certified

Brookings, S.D. – Jan. 22, 2019 – The Neighborhoods at Brookview is one of 55 South Dakota nursing homes to recently become a Music & Memory® Certified Care Organization. Music & Memory helps to improve dementia and person-centered care using personalized music experiences.

“Personalized therapeutic music has been shown to improve behavior, reduce depressive symptoms and help residents with dementia to reconnect with others,” said Administrator Jason Hanssen. “It’s amazing how just creating a playlist for a resident and allowing them to listen to music on an iPod can have such a tremendous impact.”

Benefits of the Music & Memory program include:

  • Bringing pleasure and joy
  • Increasing appetite, mood, communication and personal connections
  • Reducing anxiety, distress and falls
  • Resulting decline in antipsychotic medication use and hospital readmissions
  • Reducing resistance to care and staff injury during care
  • Strengthening bonds between staff, family and residents

The Neighborhoods and other nursing home facilities across the state received training and equipment to become Music & Memory certified at no charge thanks to a grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care spearheaded the South Dakota Music & Memory program in collaboration with the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, South Dakota Health Care Association, Great Plains Quality Innovation Network, South Dakota Department of Health and South Dakota Department of Human Services.

The Neighborhoods at Brookview nursing home offers short and long-term care to residents. The facility embraces the household model of care which aims to create a homelike, social setting for residents. Staff incorporates the five person-directed values in care: Choice, Dignity, Respect, Self-Determination and Purposeful Living. For more information, please visit


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