The Brookings School Board has released the settlement agreement with Superintendent Klint Willert who resigned last week, effective June 2.

The agreement includes supplemental information from Helsper, McCarthy and Rasmussen Law Firm that lays out a number of reasons for Willert to resign or be terminated for cause.

The key statement is as follows: “The board has lost faith in your ability to lead the District for the reasons mentioned above. It is the consensus of the Board that changes must be made for the good of the District.”

Among those listed reasons: not following through on several committees he said would be established, lack of communication and leadership on a number of topics, no adivce or strategy provided to the board on upcoming school boundary changes, lack of leadership on early childhood education and reportedly making changes to his employment contract without legal review. It also says a board member reported a concern with a student’s mental health and never received a response.

More than 20 reasons are given in the document.

Willert had a two-year contract with one year remaining. He will be paid $189,000 for that remaining year.

In return, Willert will make no claims against the district.

The district is making only paper copies of the settlement agreement available to the public.

Here is the paperwork from Helsper, McCarthy and Rasmussen Law Firm:

willert pg1

willert pg2

willert pg3

willert pg4

March 26, 2023