SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – Authorities have arrested a Sioux Falls man who was shot by a deputy after a disturbance at the Minnehaha County Jail this week.

State’s Attorney Aaron McGowan was present as the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation arrested 44-year-old George Lee Rinzy Jr. at the hospital where Rinzy is being treated.

McGowan says prosecutors will proceed with charges against Rinzy. He faces felony charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer as well as misdemeanor counts of intentionally damaging public property and disorderly conduct.

Authorities allege Rinzy charged at officers with a knife when he was shot Tuesday. That happened after Rinzy allegedly broke a window in the door of the jail, injuring an officer with broken glass.

A sheriff’s deputy is guarding Rinzy’s room until he’s discharged from the hospital.