A traffic stop leads to the arrest of the driver for DUI and of a passenger for refusing to cooperate.

Assistant Police Chief Derrick Powers says a vehicle was pulled over for speeding at about 1:30 Sunday morning.

It was determined the 26-year-old man driving had been drinking and he was placed under arrest.

The car was going to be towed and the officer worked with the two passengers to make sure they had rides coming.

However, one of the passengers refused to leave the vehicle and had to be detained until his ride arrived. As the officer attempted to cuff him, the man began to resist. The officer called for backup.The man continued to resist and struggle and officers used a TASER, at which point the man was subdued, handcuffed and arrested.

The 47-year-old Brookings man is charged with obstruction of law enforcement and resisting arrest.

Powers says alcohol was likely a factor in the man’s behavior.