Tenille Arts Joins The Joel DE Show For An Artist Spotlight Interview!

Born and raised in the small prairie town of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, Tenille’s dream of performing took root at age eight, when a neighbor overheard her singing a Shania Twain song and encouraged her mom to help her pursue music. She moved to Nashville in 2015, earned a publishing deal and released her first EP in October of 2016.

Joel DE chats with Tenille about a few of her latest accolades: First # 1 Country song in the US by a Canadian Female since 2004. First # 1 Country song in the US by a Canadian since 2007. And on top of that, she made history for her first #1 single, Somebody Like That, where the song written, produced and performed by all females! Joel and Tenille also talk about her ultimate BFF song That’s My Friend You’re Talking About on her new album Girl To Girl, was she named after South Dakota??, and touring with Scotty McCreery and Jordan Davis!

Listen To The Full Interview With Tenille Arts Below: