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Lets make this story short. I was going to have surgery to repair my troubles! I cancelled my surgery when a Chiropractor friend of mine suggested I find the source of the problem before I do something I might regret!

I’ve had gastrointestinal trouble for a long time. Doctors and Nutritionists suggested more fiber, bulk up…but the more I bulked up with higher fiber intake the worse things got. I’m talking BAD.

Well, I quit eating (I don’t suggest that) to find out if my trouble were diet related.

GUESS WHAT! When you cut out fake fiber all together, yes I’m talking wheat…your problems go away. They did for me, anyway.

No I’m on the gluten free path and ITS A GOOD ONE.  The food is getting better each and every day.

Go gluten free and live again!  I even had French Toast, this morning, for the first time in over 17 months.

I’m rootin’, tootin’ & shootin’ pain free!

**I was not medically diagnosed with celiacs or a gluten allergy or intolerance.  I personally made a decision to see if gluten products were the root of my health issues and I was correct. Do I think I know more than a damn doctor, you bet…but I would suggest speaking candidly with your personal physician before making any dietary changes. Void where prohibited, some restrictions apply, some assembly required and all that other mumble, jumble.



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