22nd Avenue reopening today

From the City of Brookings:

The City is excited to announce that 22nd Avenue between 6th Street and Eastbrook Drive will be open to traffic at approximately 3:00 PM today, Friday, November 1, 2019.  The contractors will be removing traffic control devices throughout the project and the public should proceed cautiously through the construction area.

The public should be aware that the contractors will continue to work on the project after it is open to traffic.  Olwien Street will have a temporary stop sign at 22nd Avenue and the traffic signal is tentatively scheduled to be installed in early December.  The traffic signal equipment shipment has been delayed and the signal will be installed as soon as the equipment arrives.  Contractors will also be working on seeding and clean-up items and they will set up traffic control devices as needed.

The City of Brookings would like to thank the public for their patience during the project.  There were many people involved in making this project a success and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation throughout the project.